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So another night of little to no sleep as I continue to build a solid foundation for me and my amazing team Even before my personal growth and discovery journey I understood the importance of showing up with consistency to achieve success in whatever I was applying myself to. I worked 'hard' for twenty years in a job where I traded time for money but was missing out on so much in life 16 months ago I started something new and had to work 'hard' on things I never valued as important namely…

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Humility makes us better. It teaches us how to live with more strength & greater influence. It allows us to give the best of ourselves, and then receive the best from others. We always have something to learn. When you set "ego" down and pick humility up the reality that "the greatest lessons we have to teach others are the very ones we must also learn ourselves" begins to work in your life like magic. Where can you apply more humility in your life? What effect will it have on those around…

Unity brings all the individual pieces together to create a greater whole. Individually we are good, but together we are GREAT. The notion of "together everyone achieves more" is absolutely true; the best teams pull together with awareness and purpose - highlighting individual strengths and filling in the gaps. Unity allows us to live, learn, teach, grow and make a greater impact in the world, individually and as a whole. How does UNITY show up in your life & business?

Chores, Allowance, and "Above and Beyond" Tasks - The Simple Dollar "Their role in that is their chores. It’s simply expected that there are certain things that they do as part of living at home. It’s not tied to allowance."

Maior evento online de Desenvolvimento Pessoal, Profissional e Empreendedorismo:

Maior evento online de Desenvolvimento Pessoal, Profissional e Empreendedorismo:

Hey Girl Hey (or Boy)! It's Thursday! So here's a thought for your Thursday. Everything that you desire financial freedom freedom from your 9-5 more family time time to find a mate or traveling the world (my favorite) is just beyond FEAR setting effective GOALS and CLARITY about your purpose. Having clarity about your purpose is the first step to getting started on your amazing journey. You have to know where you are going to get there right? You wouldn't drive across the country…