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La humildad es la clave. Siguenos! #osha #iyawo #oshun #obbi #oshosis #yemaya #maferefun #orishas #elegba #oggun #inle #santeros #eggun #shango #orula #humildad

solcreative: Tausi Girl by Annelie Solis I love the look of this for a tatoo! The color and meaning are dope.

I could totally make this!!! Have NO CLUE what I would use it for but who cares!!! lol

divinemoon: Yemaya had much money, and wanted to marry Orunmila, deciding to go in search. On her way she met Eleggua, and asked him of what he lived of; He said that in the corner, eating Guinea pig and smoked fish, roasted corn and corn flour, and doing errands. She replied that it was not him. Following the path she found Oggun, and asked him the same thing; He said that he was a blacksmith; She replied that it was not him. Then, Orula was found, and after ask the same question, heard of…

Iemanja / Yemanjá / Iemanjá / Janaína/ Rainha do Mar / A iucá / Dona Janaína / Inaê ou Maria princesa do Aiokám é um orixá africano cujo nome deriva da expressão ioruba Yéyé omo ejá ("Mãe cujos filhos são peixes").