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WIAT M1: cinnamon raisin bagel with egg & almond butter with blueberries. M2: vanilla protein shake. M3: smoked salmon on a salad bed of spiralised cucumber, lentils & feta. M4: apple. M5: beef stir fry with rice noodles.

WIAT M1: feta omelette & oats topped with almonds & bee pollen. M2: rosemary chicken, rice & salad. M3: tilapia, sweet potato, leek & asparagus. M4: Apple, cottage cheese & almond butter sprinkled with cinnamon. M5: ginger prawns, courgette & pumpkin rice noodles.

WIAT M1: scrambled egg & feta on an English muffin with spinach. M2: cod, sweet potato, snow peas & asparagus. M3: zoats with flaxseed, blueberries & crunchy PB. M4: salmon with a chill & mint salsa on noodles & courgette. M5: Greek yoghurt topped with berries.

Today's meals! M1 ○ green protein shake M2 ○ rye toast with @wild_friends vanilla expresso almond butter with banana. M3 ○ salad M4 ○ ham & egg sandwhich with basil & feta. M5 ○ salad M6 ○ Jasmin tea & dates for dessert I was also tagged #widn by the lovely @melissa.bbg & I'm sitting in my pj's drinking tea & watching Netflicks .

Last post for the day I promise! I was super hungry today so I take that as a good thing . M1 ○ 1 toast, 2 eggs, avo and basil. M2 ○ quest strawberry protein shake with water. M3 ○ big bowl of salad M4 ○ coconut tofu dessert M5 ○ 2nd bowl of salad M6 ○ 1 serving @kodiakcakes protein pancakes with pb2, low sugar syrup & raspberries with tea. That salad was soooo good which is why I had it twice. It came in a bag already to go with toppings (sunflower seeds & dried cranberries) & dressing.

WIAT M1: mushroom & mozzarella omelette with sweet potato & grapefruit. M2: strawberry @fitnessguru one recovery. M3: quinoa salad topped with chicken & cottage cheese. M4: rice cakes topped with mashed avo & chilli flakes & almond butter, strawberry & bee pollen. M5: black tiger prawn phad Thai with rice noodles.

Quick food diary 1. Breakfast: 2 pieces of rye, avacado, 2 poached eggs and hot sauce 2. Snacks: Apple and a banana, I don't eat them at the same time. About an hour apart. 3. Lunch: spinach salad with apples, cranberries, blueberries and quinoa 4: snack: celery, carrots and PB or hummus 5. Dinner: chicken broccoli and quinoa 6. Protein shake at work 7. Dessert: Lara bar

M1: Avocado on Flaxseed Bread with Smoked Salmon & Egg Scramble with Papayas (12:00PM) S2:Quest Bar (15:20PM) M2: Long Grain Basmati Rice with Edamame, Sea Perch, Broccoli, Pumpkin,Peas (16:40) M3: Tofu with Soy Sauce, Pumpkin, Peas, Broccoli (20:50PM) S3: Cottage Cheese & Mango

M1 ○ 1/2 cup oatmeal, banana, cinnamon & splash of milk. M2 ○ homemade latte with stevia. M3 ○ turkey patty, broccoli, potatoes & ketchup. M4 ○ 2 small slices of banana bread M5 ○ frozen spinach, kiwi, peach blended with water. M6 ○ salad of broccoli, kale, lettuce, brussel sprouts, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries with poppyseed dressing. #mealdiary

TODAY'S FOOD DIARY 1⃣ banana, yogurt & granola 2⃣ pear 3⃣ turkey & salad sandwich 4⃣ 4 whole grain crackers with avo, tomato & feta (I ate half before taking the picture ) 5⃣ chicken stir fry with rice 6⃣ choc banana pudding