Explora Kombi Dacon, 824 Combi e outros!

Kombi Dacon 824

Interior front - VW Kombi Porsche Dacon 814

1956 Porsche 1600 Super

VW Kombi Porsche Dacon 814 at Rio´s marina

The Kombi Dacon 824 interior with air conditioned and Porsche 944 panel and steering wheel

Porsche 4cam valve covers of the Kombi Dacon 824.

The Kombi Dacon 824 with Porsche 928 phone dial wheels

The Kombi Dacon 824

550 Spyder 304 Stainless Steel Exhaust & Headers for VW Type 1 Engine

Almost ten years ago, Frédéric took the car to get repainted by a nearby coachbuilder and good friend of his. The coachbuilder recognized that the 356's body was very tired, which would make the cost of the paint job very expensive, so Frédéric decided to simply sell the car. His wife, Sandra, put her foot down. This car had gotten them through a tough time, literally – it had kept their newborn baby safe.

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