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Amazing Horse-Rider Connection - Pedro Torres riding a Lusitano stallion, Oxidado, doing Working Equitation

Linda Parelli's Game of Contact works wonders on this demo horse and rider in Harrisburg, PA!

people think riding is easy- i'd like to see you do natural dressage and look this beautiful

Pedro Torres - Working Equitation Just wonderful to watch Pedro in action!

"Horse Dancing" at it its finest. And if you don't know horses, this stuff is incredibly hard.

riding without a bridle ~ there used to be a thoroughbred pony horse that was ridden without a bridle at the KY Derby ~ haven't seen him for the last several years, but I always thought that was amazing!

Grand Prix dressage rider Cesar Parra prepares his dressage horse for the Dixon Oval at #Devon2013 - Dressage at Devon.