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Red Flower Drop by Uda Dennie who shot stunning images of spiders with balls of raindrops on their heads in his garden on Batam Island, Indonesia. Some of the raindrops stayed in shape for about a minute before the spider scurried off. viatrendhunterstatic. Thanks to @Steven Trotter Trotter McGaughey! #Photography #Spider #Rain_Drop #Uda_Dennie #trendhunterstatic


Eyes of a Female Jumping Spider by Thomas Shahan: Equally amazing are the spider's eyes and the unbelievable shot of a 5mm Maevia Inclemens found in a light fixture on the photographer's back porch. #Thomas_Shahan #Photography #Jumping_Spider

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Too funny!

Eu adoro vaquinhas!!!

Cats Are Cats No Matter The Size

Maratus pavonis peacock jumping. It is an Australian spider

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