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O primeiro triângulo impossível. [impossível] Original de Oscar Reutersvärd (1934).

[Laszlo] - Laszlo makes a stunning first impression. A polished, tightly-scaled candelabra resides at center. Contrasting it in a dizzying geometric frame are two overlapping triangles in textured black metal. Traditional lamping and avant-garde abstraction juxtapose in a fixture whose allure brings [us] into the now. Initial 3D modeling assisted in the creation of the Yin Yang balance between both styles and finishes, which add to the dimension of the piece as well as the optical…

Penrose Triangle (It was first created by the Swedish artist Oscar Reutersvärd in 1934) by Owen Chikazawa

Optical Illusion, op art. The Impossible Heart- "first cousin" to the Impossible Triangle, or the Penrose Triangle. #theimpossibleheart. #mesavistamiddleschool

My favourite tips to hide dark circles One of the downsides to being extremely pale is that when you do have dark circles under your eyes (which I do a lot) they are really hard to hide. Pretty much impossible actually so I thought I would put together a few little tips and tricks that I have tried and tested to work. The Lipstick Method This method has BLOWN up recently even though makeup artists have been using this trick for years. In case you have been living under a rock for the…

What do you see? Your first reaction is probably a triangle with a black border in the background & a white triangle upside down on top of it. Of course that’s not really what's there, is it? What’s there are partial lines & partial circles. Your brain creates the shape of an upside down triangle out of blank space, because that's what it is expecting to see. This particular illusion is called a Kanizsa triangle, named after an Italian psychologist that first came up with it in 1955.

25 Incredible Optical Illusions list25.com/25-incredible-optical-illusions/

A Mind-Bending Font Inspired by a Famous Optical Illusion | “At first I had no intention to make it as a font, but it became quite popular over the internet, so I decided to take up the challenge,” says Hegedűs. Martzi Hegedűs | WIRED.com

Penrose Triangle Animation. Click for the animated gif, and try to follow the ball, moving around its path. It seems to make sense at first, but there’s just something off about it...

25 Insane Optical Illusions That Will Leave You Dazed And Confused

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