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Belissima essa. (O Príncipe do Deserto)

For to be in an arranged marriage and ( sadly) to have been first cousins, Victoria and Albert sure did LOVE each other. She loved him from the start, in fact was smitten by him, and it was until 11 years of marriage and 6 kids later, that Albert finally said," I want you to know how deeply I love you, Victoria. No, I haven't always loved you, but it just took me a little longer than you to grow to love you. But now I deeply love you."#sweetromance #truelove #unbrokenvows

O Príncipe do Deserto

Borboletas - Clube de Compras Dallas

Coleguinha de Profissão (Hugo Cabret)


Ainda vou fotografar um casal de bailarinos no meio do caos da cidade. (Pina)

The Young Victoria

Cena linda de Hugo Cabret.

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