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Ariel looked around as this mist began to clear around her. The a violent coughing attack hit her. She couldn't get air in her lungs. She gasped trying to inhale but only succeeding in coughing harder. She feel to her knees & grabbed her throat it desperation. Then the gas dissipated entirely & she could breathe. She blinked & opened her eyes. Startled she fell backwards. Everything had changed color. Day looked dark as night & the thin mist that remained looked white all around her.

Laura Makabresku

Black and White

As cores de abril

Que a gente aprenda a valorizar o abraço antes da ausência. O sorriso antes da lágrima. O momento que antecede a despedida. A luz de dias calmos. O amor sem nada em troca. Que a vida nos ensine à tempo o que é precioso cultivar. A alegria anterior aos t

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