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Caught a slight cold today because something's been going around the office. So decided to go home and have a cheat meal from the cleanse. My body was really just craving bananas and oatmeal and rice and toast. I try very hard to listen to my body and decided that one meal consisting of bananas would be ok. So here you have it! Chocolate #banana split #smoothie bowl. #recipe is one the blog right now!! So head on over and take a look. I also wrote a little bit about my take on the HCLF…

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Good Eats: 3 Busy Girl Breakfasts

Breakfast smoothie

Because greens are amazing... @lonijane #vegan #crueltyfree #crueltyfreebeauty #tropical #greenjuice #freshjuice #rawvegan #hclfvegan #hclf #plantbased #eatyourgreens by lani_hair

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Healthy Habits: Skinny Smoothie Secrets

skinny smoothie secrets

Massive Bowl of Nutritional Yeast Polenta Cauliflower Peas Mushrooms and Spinach #801010 #rawtill4 #hclfv #hclf #vegan #veganpolenta #vegansofinstagram #polenta #nosalt by veginningagain

LUNCH I don't have much spare time these days to get lost in the kitchen and make food that takes hours or make them look all pretty it's usually all about what's left in the fridge or pantry and takes the least amount of time to prepare and eat haha. My eating habits are very consistent though I will come up with a meal and literally eat that same meal most days for weeks or months at a time. All my meals and snacks are like this! It keeps my meal prep easy and thought process to a minimum…

SPROUTS ALIVE RAW CRACKERS #TANNYRAW #youtube #lowfathighcarbvegan #lowfathighcarbrawvegan #lowfatrawvegan #rawvegan #whatrawveganseat #plantbased #healthy #heal #sprouts by tannyraw

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Have your cake and ice cream, too

Cake batter ice cream made from bananas - OMG.

From the ground up ! I was on the beach this morning with my lovely friend @chamaswim and she may not know this but I have looked up to her for a long time! She is nearing her 40's and has the body energy and vibrancy of a 16 year old she's incredible!! And for her she was saying health is easy simply put if it's real food meaning it came from the earth then you know it's going to do you some good. Having a base of your diet following this mentality consistently is an amazing foundation…

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Beginner’s Luck Green Smoothie

Simple green smoothie. Blend 1 c spinach with 1 c water, then add 1 banana, 1/2 c frozen pineapple, 1/2 c frozen mango and blend again