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At rehearsals and Khan is pushing quite hard for Seamus to be on the setlist.

@Gemma_Hayes is the Love of my Life... #GemmaHayes #ILoveIreland

“Sinto-me bem a trabalhar a solo, tocar com os Floyd foi uma fase muito longa e satisfatória da minha vida, mas é altura de me distanciar.”

Alejandra Deheza #fbf stage vibes : Francis Chung #sviib

David Gilmour (Foto: Mrossi / Camila Cara / Mercury Concerts)

“I just found this album of A-Ha in my house. I thougt someone stolen from me years ago. #ImsoHappyNow” #Aha

David Gilmour

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David Gilmour

https://flic.kr/p/7zHTuE | She and He are the Band | Large On Black

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