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88 Habitações Cooperativas / Salgado + Liñares Arquitectos © Noel Arraiz

Beautiful, inspirational models . The 'Fiction' Series by Antione Mercusot.

KAIROS / João Quintela + Tim Simon © Diana Quintela

Beautiful redirected daylight reflecting on concrete walls _

Igreja Kuokkala / Lassila Hirvilammi

This picture shows rhythm because the lines gradually get bigger. Your yes start at the smaller one and then as they move to the right the lines get bigger.

Proingas / WA Arquitectos

SC PTV House / Luis Aldrete Architects...

Brasília em Construção por Marcel Gautherot

Located within Dong Da district, Hanoi, the newly constructed gallery and lighting showroom uses a perforated terracotta façade to create a simple yet significant impact on the surrounding landscape. The gallery is located on the top floor overlooking a large neighbouring tree, while the slit skylights expose the roof garden. This offers a space for architects and design professionals to interact. Upon entering the building, visitors are greeted with a large void. The showroom is…

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