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Na Squeeze Me é assim, tudo é feito com muito amor!

practical life activity: Squeezing Oranges - add visual directions and have a wonderful structured functional activity that addresses: hand strength, bilateral coordination, pouring, wiping, drinking, and sensory exploration

260. She scratched her foot as she adjusted the coloring of the scene she had painted. The door opened behind her but she didn't turn as the visitor fought to push the door open against various debris. "Still at it?" he asked when he finally got in. "I'm always at it," she replied, squeezing more paint onto the palette. "Do you have to work here?" he asked, tapping an old window with the toe of his polished shoe. "If you don't like it, you don't have to come see me," she replied. He sighed…

Sleeping nook with reclaimed windows as doors. I deeply love this - I've always found the cubby/fort/hideout space very comforting. I like bunk beds, the bottom bunk, because they give one a sense of that. Though as a 6'3" adult, sleeping in the bottom bunk is not all that doable. Twice I've lived with my bed in a closet - this is just a much classier version of that.

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How To Make Moon Sand With Three Ingredients

moon-sand-recipe Cornstarch or Arrowroot flour Coconut oil Natural food colouring

Pets have played an important critical part in our life and health mentally and physically nurturing us and loving us

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3 Ways To HIIT The Barre

whether you want to squeeze in a workout during your lunch break or tone up for a fast-approaching event, this 6-exercise circuit workout has you covered. each exercise requires total body engagement, but the workout is designed to emphasis the burn in the lower body.

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