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Saltos Massai

Dive-roll/360/salto. This drop is often the first drop students learn. However, it is an extremely easy drop to fail. This video shows a little bit of the learning progression my partner @xtinacavaleri and I like to use when teaching it. Not pictured is just tipping from straddle to iron cross repeatedly without grabbing for poles. Next students can "drip" to gazelle. Then drip to straddle, then spotted hand to hand, then by feet. Students are never allowed to progress to full drop until I…

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Saltos Altos Vermelhos

Salto Del Laja Falls, Chile

My wedding pictures where taken there

My student Selfish on the roadi mean on the Jeep It's about a journey It's about a trip It's about an adventure It's about a history And it's about memories Be tough just like the mount P.s : sorry for the bad pictureit's very hard take the picture on the Jeep in unstable position and condition Susah payah motonyasambil moto sambil pegangan Haha takut kelempar atau salto dari jeepnya #instapict #instalike #instagram #merapi #jogja #visitjogja #indonesia #lavatour #kaliurang #trip…

My Melody

The Haunted Hotel Of Colombia - not sure if I'd like to go, but how cool!

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