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transforma em realidade todos os teus pensamentos. Quero abraçar-te como da primeira vez ! há coisas inexplicáveis... inacreditáveis! #RaulMinh'alma

A funny man who stands with women:

Absolutely. That day, I was finally able to understand how much I care about Mark. The words I remember most from that video was "I can't know you guys on a personal level. And that's what tears me up inside. Because I want to. Because I know that there are people that need me to talk to them, but I can't" Although, I was mostly upset about the fact that I, myself couldn't help him. I couldn't be there to hug him or do anything make him feel better in any way. I just wanted him to know.

omg yess flashback~ to having gym outside when it was cold ❄ and the fire drill it was raining I wanted my crush to hug me or give me his sweater lol but he gave it to this other girl and her bf was there !!! ✌✌

Arthur from Merlin. He's a fantastic character. He can be so arrogant yet so kind. Most of the time I want to hug him, and at other times, smack him upside the head. It's awesome. :)

Every day... when I want to hug my papa and i remembered he will not be there anymore.

oh my freakin'--- OMG THIS IS... THIS IS... *there has not been a word invented to express what I am feeling right now* ARTHURRRRRRR

I want to hug you. I want to kiss you. I want to hold you in my arms and feel your breath inside of me. Feel your pulse throughout my veins. Feel every detail of your skin. I want you. Every flaw, every weekness. Every little thing that is a part of you, I want. I want all of you.