Explora Uss Hornet, Rover Zumbido e outros!

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STOWAWAY ! Buzz Rover apparently has become tired of just seeing the USS Hornet’s Museum's SD45 preparations! He stowed away in a museum vehicle as it went to the NASA Ames Research Center to pick up the moon rock for the upcoming event. He made himself quite at home, climbing onto several of their fascinating exhibits - clockwise from top left -Science on a Sphere, Ames Spacecraft Missions, Buzz Rover becoming a giant (compared to himself) astronaut, and Living and Working in Space

Is Buzz Rover a Spy? Buzz Rover made sure all the Museum staff members are prepared for working with Buzz Aldrin. He was spotted eavesdropping on a staff meeting - let’s hope we didn’t say anything bad! Did you know the USS Hornet Museum mission is to connect the greatest generation of Americans with future generations, educating and inspiring them to meet their challenges? It is funded completely by donations, memberships, general admission visitors, and private events.

Buzz Rover - undercover Uh-Oh ...Buzz Rover has been caught impersonating a Hornet Museum security member! Apparently, he was trying to gain access to “secret locations” around the ship and see if there were any security loop holes to report back to Buzz Aldrin. We also found an incriminating photo on him that clearly identifies him as an associate of Buzz Aldrin. Seems like he's in trouble now!

Buzz Sighting! Can you find the Buzz Rover during our Fourth of July event? He's made an appearance! Find him and post it to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! #SD45

Buzz Rover being interrogated The security team found Buzz Rover going beyond his normal scouting routines and wearing a security agent’s red jacket. They had no choice but to intervene. Now in custody, after a thorough investigation of what the Buzz Rover has actually been up to, the security team has discovered that the Rover has not only been investigating the security of the venue but also taking photos from a teeny mounted camera. Here are a few photos captured from his time aboard.

Buzz Rover Secret Shopper? LOL! Buzz Rover was caught checking out the special Splashdown 45 merchandise created to celebrate our upcoming anniversary event. These items, t-shirts, pins, magnets and patches will be available for sale starting the day of the event. Unfortunately for Buzz Rover, the store manager did not order any sizes small enough to fit him. #SD45 #Apollo45

This weekend, Buzz Rover was photographed saluting a painting of the famous WWII flag raising on Iwo Jima, a vicious battle in which the USS Hornet was heavily involved. A sculpture of this iconic event is located near Arlington Cemetery in Virginia. It is called the Marine Corps War Memorial and is dedicated to the Marine dead of all wars and comrades from other services who fell fighting beside them. The USS HORNET had a Marine Detachment that served as it's security and police on board.

Buzz Rover in the Brig With only one day left until the event, and with heightened security now that the NASA Lunar Sample and the Aerojet Rocket Engine are on board, the USS Hornet Museum security had to detain Buzz Rover until he can be picked up by his owner . The USS Hornet Museum has decided though, to allow Buzz Rover to take part of this 45th anniversary celebration.

Buzz Rover Sighting A visitor to the USS Hornet Museum has spotted Buzz Rover reading over an event poster for tomorrows celebration of the Fourth of July. Maybe he will make an appearance! Tomorrow's Fourth of July event is going to be opening at 11am and will include live music, delicious food, fun family activities and a viewing platform for Bay Area fire works! Bring the family and friends out for this exciting celebration aboard the USS Hornet Museum!

Buzz Rover Sighting A visitor has spotted the Buzz Rover has been doing perimeter checks of the USS Hornet Museum. Did you know that the USS Hornet Museum is actually docked at the exact same pier she was moored at upon her return from her first Western Pacific deployment as a modernized attack aircraft carrier in 1954. Continue to watch here for more updated photos of the Buzz Rover as we observe his movement throughout the Museum. #SD45

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