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Hashtag blessed. Please don't comment on my page saying that it's 'chained' and treated poorly. They were all treated very well and if you're going to speak about 'chains' I have to muzzle and chain my 6 pound chihuahua because he will bite your head off and then most likely you will try to sue me so in the famous words of Ace Ventura.. 'Take care now. Bye bye then.' by sydneyleroux

Mod: no Miley erase bad and put stupid, because that what you are. You used to be so cool now you turn into that Miley I don't know who was the one to tell you to change was but who ever did they were wrong. Life is to short to make stupid choices right now. You look like you're trying to impersonate Justin Bieber and no one wants another one of him sorry but I don't like JB,get it Sorry? Eh? eh? No? Ok.

Analyst Predicts 'Biggest Handset Launch in History' for iPhone 5

Quarta terminam os rumores sobre o iPhone Dia 12 de setembro tudo indica que a apple finalmente lançara o novo modelo do SmartPhone mais famoso do mundo!!

Miley Cyrus-so excited! I have 18 days till I go to this with one of my all time best friends!

Miley Cyrus- im just going to dedicate a board to miley. My women rocks my city too ♡

Miley Cyrus.

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Activist Vegan Provocateur, The Secret Life of Miley Cyrus

Activist Vegan Provocateur, The Secret Life of Miley Cyrus - Row + Rue