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This Slideshare focuses on how to best give a persuasive speech. Just like you would in a written essay, make sure you use specific examples to support your thesis that your audience will understand.

The four basic steps to writing a thesis are:fully understand the questionbrainstorm ideasdecide the type of response to givewrite the thesis!

When a writer makes a claim, the position should be backed with supporting details and examples. Look at the example relevant and irrelevant details.Its a great idea to list several examples when you brainstorm, that way you can select only the ones that seem the most relevant to use!

The purpose in writing a persuasive or argumentative essay is to persuade your audience of the correctness of your position. Unlike expository writing, it takes a strong subjective point of view on the topic, and each paragraph is used to support that thesis.

Even an expository essay needs a conclusion. This video gives some great ideas for how to finish off any essay confidently.Not sure how to finish? Remember T-S-S:ThesisSummarizeSuper - so what?

This video is for the ACT Writing essay, but its writing tips are applicable to ANY piece of argumentative essays. Make sure you use great support for your thesis, and avoid bad organization (pitfall

Note cards are a great tool when youre researching a term paper, research paper, or other formal essay. Follow these 10 tips to help you develop your research skills!

Need more prompts to practice? Each of these 10 prompts relates to school-topics such as locker searches and school uniforms. Pick one and write a short 5-paragraph essay!

Make sure you get SPECIFIC with your details! This will help you avoid writing boring exposition. The details are the juicy parts of your essay --- dont leave them out!

Read through this excellent example of a narrative essay. Notice the clear organization, strong paragraphing, and use of transitions and varied sentence structure.