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This Slideshare focuses on how to best give a persuasive speech. Just like you would in a written essay, make sure you use specific examples to support your thesis that your audience will understand.

Common Core Literature 1-2 Analyzing a Literary Piece

Make sure to organize ideas in order of importance. Notice transitions that authors use to indicate sequential ideas. You should also use transitions in your literary analyses.

How can we hook the reader in the very first paragraph of any essay? Some tips include:relevant quotationhistorical anecdotebackground infoname-dropping a famous personstrong, declarative statements

Persuasive writing, also referred to as a creative writing or an argument, is a piece of writing in which the writer uses words to convince the reader of his/her view.

The Given New Theory in writing is the idea that good sentences are connected by always telling the reader given what Ive said previously, heres a new idea and heres how it relates to what I said before. Transitions help you with the flow of your essay, and are needed even in expository, informative writing.

Read through this excellent example of a narrative essay. Notice the clear organization, strong paragraphing, and use of transitions and varied sentence structure.

When using punctuation to separate detail from the rest of the sentence, you have the freedom to use a few different forms of punctuation. Read the definition and examples in this document.

Need more prompts to practice? Each of these 10 prompts relates to school-topics such as locker searches and school uniforms. Pick one and write a short 5-paragraph essay!

We write expository essays to provide information for a purpose. Information sharing is vital, and the key to a great expository essay is to provide excellent relevant supporting evidence.