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Hoje vou casar assim: vestidos de noiva

ISO this style Jovani gown or similar dress! To anyone selling or thinking about selling this or a similar style gown, please contact me! My beautiful, intelligent & caring friend is doing a pageant for married women this year and would look stunning in this style but she is having a hard time finding something like this. She is a size 2 or 4 but has large boobs so really needs a 6 that she could have altered. Thank you in advance. Jovani Dresses

Normally I don't pin stuff like this but this blog actually has a lot of good stuff that I'm going to do with my boo!!! :) How to Date Your Husband! 101 ideas for date night and 10 cheap dates. :)

I think my husband married me for my beef stew. Only in Hawaii will you find stew that taste like this. Slow cooked tender chunks of m...

Inspiration For A Bohemian Wedding

24 Engagement Rings So Beautiful They’ll Make You Cry

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It's good! But to me it feels like this whisky is a bit confused or it's flavours not marrying well together. Elegant smoke but I kept getting 'hits' of highland whisky coming through instead of them dancing on my tongue together. As chris chambers described it, it's like a gorgeous dessert pie that the chef decided to char the pastry top with a blow torch. All in all, it's a v refreshing dram for a smoky peaty style. We both really like it! Http://www.IWantToTaste.com #springbank #whisky

B R I D E // Oh my! This back, and these sleeves by @delila.fox

hip[ster] MEN: If you dress like this, you're in good shape...and you need to find me so we can get married. Thanks. ♥

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