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Explora Ação De, Charlie Brown e outros!

Charlie Brown e o Dia de Ação de Graças - YouTube

I had an abscessed tooth. On Hydros....and I saw this and could not stop smiling through the pain...when Jensen Dances...I lost my mind! Thanks boys for making a girl in pain smile.! jus in bello 2013: jensen and misha read the resumés and dance and re-en...

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What Does Sound Look Like? by NPR

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The Best of Japan + 新海 誠 (Makoto Shinkai) - Beautiful Anime OST

Cells Cells - Parts of the Cell Rap - YouTube

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26 Conceptual Science Marks

Conceptual scientific icon set. Neural Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Sociology, Chemistry, Planetology, Ecology, Astronomy, Genetics, Linguistics, Philosophy, History, Theology, Logics, Microbiology, Geometry, Arts, Geology, Biology, Cybernetics, Quantum Mechanics.

A song about Macromolecules (a.k.a. Biomolecules, Carbon-Based Molecules, or the molecules of life) and Nutrition (Carbohydrates, Lipids, Proteins, and Nucleic Acids), based on PSY's "Gangnam Style." Lyrics written by and song sung by a simple high school science teacher named Mr. Hsu. Special thanks to Mr. Moore, Mrs. O'Brien, Mr. Kelly, Mrs....

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19 Kitchen Science Experiments You Can Eat

Create an edible water bottle.

Support Team Edge creating Youtube Videos..... TEEAMM EDDGGEE... They are funyy and awesome..... J-Fred, Matthias and Bryan!! Sometimes with other youtubers Like MARKIPLER!! I love him

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SCIENCE JOKES: 27 Geekiest One-Liners

Science Jokes: 27 Geeky One-Liners Nerds Will Love (SLIDESHOW)