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Explora 31 Julho, Podendo Levar e outros!

Médicos do continente autorizados a passar receitas à mão e fora das novas regras até 31 julho - Açoriano Oriental

31 Long-Forgotten Native American Medical Cures | Off The Grid News

The Influence of Coffee
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The Influence of Coffee

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Vaccinations by Penn and Teller

Vaccinations by Penn and Teller <- This is a fantastic way to describe why you should vaccinate your kids. (Beware - There is some language; I don't mind, but someone might.)

Easy ways to cut Mega Calories. Thicken soups with pureed white beans saves 500 calories!

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The Food That Glues Your Arteries Shut - Easy Health Options™

Your heart health depends on the ability of your arteries to dilate and allow blood to flow freely. So if you’re concerned about your cardiovascular system, beware of the food that can close your arteries.

Top 10 Reasons Crochet Can Help You Heal - Ahhhh this explains my addiction!

It is a recognized fact that the developing world has been used by the World Health Organization as a vaccine laboratory for decades. This has been proven in data and vaccine studies dating back as far as the 1970s. Is it right to use vulnerable children in vaccine experiments? The WHO has engaged in activities that fall far below the standards of ethical, research and medical conduct that have been established by our health organizations to protect human rights. They should therefore be…

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A Pained Life: When There is No Cure

A Pained Life: When There is No Cure