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Nie Li, o mais poderoso Espiritualista Demoníaco e estando no topo do mundo marcial, perde sua vida durante a batalha com o Imperador Sábio e as seis bestas de nível divino, e sua alma volta ao passado para quando ele tinha 13 anos. Embora ele seja o mais fraco em sua classe, com o talento mais baixo no reino da alma Vermelho – o mais fraco dos reinos – com a ajuda de seu vasto conhecimento acumulado na sua vida passada, cresce mais rápido do que todos.Agora, ele irá tentar proteger a…

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Belobog, which, translated into English, means White god, was said to fight his evil brother Chernobog ("Black God") twice a year for control of that year, with Belobog gaining control of the waxing half of the year and Chernobog control of the waning half. After the winter equinox day becomes longer — Belobog wins, and after the summer equinox it shortens - Chernobog wins.

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The Disgusting Reality Of Microwave Dinners

I remember eating these when I was little<--handguns and bullets? I'll take my demon blood, thanks

Maran is a nightmare in human form. When out searching for a victim she has the shape of a black fog, able to get through the tiniest keyhole or a crack in the window. She targets sleeping males and, taking the form of a young woman, she will sit across the man’s chest and ‘ride’ him. This renders him unable to move and gives him dreadful nightmares, and sometimes Maran will kiss him, giving him bloody sores around his mouth. #myth

I can't help but be sad even though I know Achnologia is a big bad evil dragon. He's just too cute and small here. It makes me sad to see him cry like that.

Even though this encourages Destial, it's funny. "Shit, we forgot Adam!"

I deal with the hard stuff on my own. The only time I can stop acting is when I'm home alone.

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