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Consequências da Crise Grega ②⓪①⑤ ⓪⑥ ①⑦

That is most likely what will happen in the next book

This is so cool. I'm pretty sure this has happened, but our historians decided to cover the humiliation Zeus would feel when he would end up beaten.

I'm not a geek I'm Greek!<<<But I'm Roman....what do the Romans do for a come back? Sigh Roman problems....XD

Is everyone going to ignore the fact that they basically called the romans weird crazy purple monsters

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in greek mythology ( and percy jackson ) Cerberus is a three headed dog who guards the underworld. the greeks stole hagrids pet. not very mature. SEND THEM INTO TARTARUS!!!!!

This is so funny. Percy saying "I speak horse and fish." That's funny, or so I think.