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“Can't reach it... by Julian Ghahreman Rad #path #road #sun #sunset #sunrays #awesome #amazing #cool #colors #magic #mystic #dream #dreamer #lit #life…”

Spiritual consciousness is truly the way to a deeper love and connection in our…

Crows are incredibly intelligent creatures. In fact, their brain/body size ratio is the same as that of a chimpanzee; and we all know how...

I've never met a 'dumb' witch... most witches "that are in it for the blessings" are some of the most intelligent people I know - and I have an IQ in the top 2% of the nation... not bragging, just making a statement for witches... Willow Goodwitch... ;-)

The most intelligent wizards and witches are amazed by the simplest muggle objects.

Mystic Wytch Check out full article on Tumbler Familiars, Your Magical Partners In August 2002, news broke that a New Caledonian crow named Betty, in a laboratory in Oxford, demonstrated intentional problem-solving ability by repeatedly bending a straight piece of wire into a hook so that she could snag food. Scientists marveled at Betty's intelligence, noting that not even chimpanzees had shown such ability to reason.

Heartstar, Sleep Dragon. Their breath exhales a sleeping dust that can be used on adversaries in battle and on themselves to cure insomnia.

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