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Comida con cobras de comida #SalvageSupperclub

Ding Dong Valentines Chocolate Hearts

Homemade Ding Dong Chocolate Hearts Copycat Recipe Core. Attract all good things! Designer # 39868

Sci-Fi Short Imagines The Vibrant Future Of Synthetic Grub

Bioplastic Fantastic - Between Products and Organisms. This film is part of the speculative Bioplastic Fantastic project, which is an invest...

Cape Town’s Top 10 Food Trucks for Weddings

Image: Nastassja Harvey For those of you lovely brides planning a whimsical wedding in an enchanted forest or field of wildflowers (which may very well not have catering facilities), the great adva…

Omote “living makeup” uses mind-blowing projection mapping

Óculos com cabelo de verdade?

NASA to Farm Vegetables in Space

Growing food in space could be a more cost-effective way to feed orbiting astronauts.

Food Trucks Could Slowly Be Replacing Fast Food

¿Están remplazando los foodtrucks a la fast food?

ATTENDANT 27a Foley Street , Fitzrovia, W1W 6DY Attendant used to be a public toilet. A very pretty toilet with a decorative entrance and ornate finishes. The owners have (after industrially cleaning it) kept some of those lavatorial touches so you can eat a fine pulled-pork and apple sauce sandwich in a booth formed out of a urinal. It sounds weird but it isn’t. It’s actually lovely and friendly and hip.

mobile park elements: seating, shade, tables