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Life is weird....thanks whoever decided to wander through the airport in Helsinki barefoot. It takes all walks of life..... by coryrichards

For anyone passing through San Francisco Airport in the coming months be sure to check out the exhibition for Daily Overview Abstracts from Space. There are 10 large-scale prints on display in Terminal 3 once you pass through security. Thank you to @sfomuseum for this incredible opportunity and hope you get to check it out! [Overview shown: Burning Man] by dailyoverview

Angkor Wat is a temple complex in Cambodia that is the largest religious monument in the world (first it was Hindu then Buddhist). Constructed in the 12th century the 820000 square meter site features a moat and forest that harmoniously surround a massive temple at its center. by dailyoverview

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Tuscany has so many mansions on those hills. -and some of them sure have a welcoming garden. Thanks @italian_eye for taking us to this place today. by inayali

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