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Capelobo by kyoht on deviantART. Isso me lembra uma história (lendas do moura)

Iku-Turso from the Kalevala. A malevolent sea monster from Finnish mythology. Also the god of war.

The Headless Mule - is a character in #Brazilian #folklore. In most tales, it is the #ghost of a woman that has been cursed by God for her sins (often said to be as concubinate or fornication with a priest within a church) and condemned to turn into a fire-spewing headless mule, galloping through the countryside from Thursday's sundown to Friday's sunrise. The myth has several variations concerning the sin that turned the cursed woman into the monster: necrophagy, infanticide, sacrilege…

Underwater Panther / Mishibizhiw by kyoht on deviantART

Luison- Guarani myth: a son of tau and kerena. It was a dirty, hairy, and sticky half man, half canid creature. It constantly reeked of death and decay. It lived in cemeteries and only ate dead and rotting flesh.

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Pássaro de Fogo

The fairy tale of The Firebird

Bandersnatch (Aberration/Chimerae)(Large) – When the Gulon evolves it becomes a creature of strange legends. Because they are so rare the Bandersnatch is believed to be a legend and myth. Nothing beats a Bandersnatch at an eating competition and they devour even their own young after giving birth, that’s why they are so rare, it’s a wonder if cubs survive their own birth. Gluttony incarnate these monsters have eaten away entire planets and erased them from the star-maps. (Medieval)

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Ipupiara, Walmor Corrêa (2005)