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Explora Montoro Nicacio, Adriano Montoro e outros!

Iiiiiits that time again! Fill in the blank: my favourite aquatic plant is___________. Image Carlos Eduardo Pires Goncalves

Would you rather: lose all your aquairums or lose all your hair? :D Shay Fertig

Tag someone who would love this tank. Fabiano Bossone Avanzo

Tell us about your aquarium disasters! Anyone had a leaking tank before? Tony Tam

Cardinal tetras vs neon tetras go! Juan Carlos Bernal

We can grant you the knowlegde to make awesome stuff like this! Sign up with the link on our page! Luthvin Paramitha Tirnata

How can you create beautiful tanks like this? Sign up with the link in our page! Jordi Pelegri

Whats your favourite fish for a planted tank? Jose Manuel Oliva Marco