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How to activate the energy and intention of your mala beads

We offer a small ceremony you can preform to set the intention and energy of your mala beads

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21 Ways to Balance Your Chakras

Feeling out of balance? Here are 21 simple ways to clear your chakras throughout the week. reiki healing | reiki | how does reiki work | reiki benefits | chakras | holistic healing | lightworker | spirituality | manifestation | manifest | holistic health | alternative medicine | meditation | mindfulness | energy healing

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Mala Bead Etiquette - What You Need To Know

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How to Use a Mala Necklace for Meditation

Mala necklaces are tools to keep track of mantra repetitions & aid focus. Anyone can wear & use a mala. Here is how to use a mala necklace for meditation.

Pin To Save, Tap To Shop The Gem. What is the meaning and crystal and chakra healing properties of rock crystal clear quartz? A stone for healing and spirituality. Mala Kamala Mala Beads - Malas, Mala Beads, Mala Bracelets, Tiny Intentions, Baby Necklaces

Different mala beads can help with different intentions. Learn the mala meanings to choose the right mala necklaces or bracelets to live the life you seek.

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How to Meditate with Your Mala, Step By Step

Learn how to meditate with your malas & mala beads as well as different types of meditation, chanting meditation, crystal healing & chakra healing

de Mala Kamala Mala Beads

All About Mudras, Malas, Mantras and Chakras

Ever wondered how to use a mudra, mantra or mala to heal your chakras? Or even what the heck any of that means???? Read here to discover how these ancient practices can help you in your life!

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Mala Beads: What They Are & How To Use Them

Have you ever wondered exactly what Mala Beads are? Here's a super informative guide to Malas to get you started on the right foot.