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Jack Nightingale's life is turned upside down the day that he inherits a mansion from a man who claims to be his father. However, it comes with a warning, that Nightingale's soul was sold at birth and a devil will come to claim it on his 33rd birthday - just three weeks away.

Magic Reverse X-Ray Dinosaur Card. No Bones About It, A Little Foxy DSP & Layering Square Framelits. Kelly Kent -

Pollyanna Reinvents: Lunch with My Antiqueing Friends!! Plus Fabby Decor!!

“You’ve heard people say ‘when one door closes, another opens’ - but sometimes it happens in reverse. When you finally touch a new way of being, old ways may suddenly become closed to you. Relationships may fall away, crutches may crumble, or maybe you’ll just feel the vitality go out of a thing. It’s important, in these threshold times, to affirm the grieving that comes with losing something you once really loved. ..." - 2015 © Toko-pa Turner | Artwork by Jane Ray

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Does Exercise Slow the Aging Process?

Longing to reverse the aging process? The answer may be an obvious one. Hint: It doesn't require a magic solution. #AgeWell

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Nutritional Value of Pure Maple Syrup

Maple syrup is awesome Lucky that's our sweetener of choice Maybe I should get a Costco membership after all!

Carly Watters, Literary Agent | On queries, submissions, clients, conferences and the publishing industry.

"if you want to get out alive r̩͚u̳̤͟n̨̲ ̢̜̙͈͔f̤oṛ̮̣͙͜ͅ ̢y̱͢o͏͖̦ṳ̥̦͎̘̦͚͝r̬̣͡ ̰͚̠̘̰̹l̡̳̬ḭ̕f̣̜̥̰͟ͅe͈͚͠" "I feel like Dipper would use magic to physically hide his birthmark (since it's a huge clue to his true name), but maybe some particular kinds of magic makes it reappear and glow... hmm..." (Gravity Falls Transcendence AU) By zilleniose on Tumblr

The Ace of Cups is also about creative expression, particularly where there is an opportunity to allow your emotions to shine through. You are very open to experiencing your inner feelings and sharing them with others. You may be inspired to start a new creative project, take up an art class or two, or even engage in interpretative dance. You are at that point in your life where you feel comfortable with who you are and what you feel and you are not