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Yellow - Prime Light Gray - Averland Sunset - Yriel Yellow - Casandora shade - Flash Gitz Yellow - Agrax in deepest recesses - Lamenters glaze Oil Wash - Burnt Umber Oil wash (1-2 hr break to allow oil to dry) Sponge Weathering - Stormvermin Fur - Light Boltgun Metal on the most pronounced edges

eldar ulthwe army - Google Search

Spider-Man-Necklace - I love this idea! I would, of course, prefer it to be WW with her lasso!

I am disillusioned by our cultural portrayals of female characters. Do people really expect me to be that unadventurous, superficial, needy, silly and boring, just because I am female? This female character looks interesting, for a change.

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Warhammer 40k - World Eaters Chaos Space Marines Dreadnought 'Hellblade.' A very appropriate conversion for the Berserk Chapter... - Baltimore GD 2005 GOLD 40k Vehicle