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Do you ever wonder if you've been in the same place at the same time, as the person you'll end up marrying?

Yeah, I always ask questions and listen and most of the time I like it to go that way.

Deep breath, then two more, nice and slow, and be prepared to start writing. Answers will come. When you relax and relax and relax, your subconscious mind can speak. And you will know what you are afraid of, what you are avoiding. Worry always has a deeper cause (emotion). You are really angry at your circumstances or a person. Or sad.



But like, only two of the triplets looked alike or something so the third guy/gal always had to pretend they had a twin and be two different people but one day they got tired of it and the everything began to get chaotic because of that

Let's start by taking a smallish nap or two

Daniel Radcliffe - Technically this picture is for the BROADWAY SHOW "There's No Business Like show Business"

Exactly so if there are two of you one could always smack the troll in the face and one can flush the troll back down.

You can tell these two are really close and always have a good time together. Cornwall premiere S2, Sept. 2016

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Ha, me! All my cousins are boys besides two on my mom's side, but I didn't always get along with the one closest to my age until recently so I was always with the boys when growing up. So I got dirty, got bruised and bloody, played football, and many other things. I loved it! Miss being a carefree child dearly!