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Asylum '16 How long it took you to watch all episodes of Supernatural? - - - - Took me a month and a half or so. 11 seasons!

I am able to have a pretty nasty angry streak, but it takes a LOT to get it out of me. I take a lot and overlook a lot. Only two people, in my lifetime, have seen the ugly side. Even I don't like it. two way street

Awww I shipped those two so hard but then Cap froze and they missed their date and aww why asdfjkl; this post just hits me in the feels

“James and Sirius would be those dudes that professors would always call on because they’d think they weren't paying attention but they’d always know the answer.” “And only 40% of the time that would be because Remus whispered it to them from the desk behind.”

Don't tell Stiles not to do something, he will take it as a dare.



Teenager Posts

So true. A bridge of any sort, faith, communication, relationship. It takes two!

So, let's see, I think I'll add: I've got One by his lapel, Two by the suspenders, Three by the hem of his Inverness Cape, & Four by his scarf. I've got the front of Five's jumper wadded up in a fist & the edge of Six's coat in another. I'm hanging on to the handle of Seven's umbrella, & I've got Eight by the cravat. -- Doctor, you are ours. We're never letting you go. :)