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Asylum '16 How long it took you to watch all episodes of Supernatural? - - - - Took me a month and a half or so. 11 seasons!

Yep, this is how I feel. I'm also holding onto 4 as well, and I think I'll need more hands the more Classic Who I watch

I'm sorry, employees, but I'm nice and take my trash after. :D

“James and Sirius would be those dudes that professors would always call on because they’d think they weren't paying attention but they’d always know the answer.” “And only 40% of the time that would be because Remus whispered it to them from the desk behind.”

Don't tell Stiles not to do something, he will take it as a dare.

an ARMY OF FLUTES, thanks to my school we have like 30 flutes and are pretty much heard if everyone plays More

Steve and Peggy. I had to take a second because that was so freaking cute.

It takes me a long time before I get to the"I'm Done" point, but once I do that person will no longer exist or breathe in my world.

This is so funny. I love it when I join an old fandom (or if I'm already part of one). We get all the honors.