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Best 30 Inspiring Love Quotes

Stay afraid. But do it anyway.

I have been cocooning... and listening to the inner workings of my soul as the bustle around me seems to be pulling me towards the new year Last week I felt withdrawn happy... cozying up to my own thoughts and dreams and whispering sweet nothings to my creative spirit. "Come out and see the snow" I mused " A new beginning dawns." I heard silence on the other end. No peep of inspiration and no flames that would spark amazing ideas. "Hello?" I said loudly.... only to be greeted with the…


Taking risk with life

💀 someone asked me if i knew you. a million memories flashed through my mind, but i just smiled and said "i used to." 🍁

Good post here: http://allmylooseends.com/2014/03/lights-wink/

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