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No one should suffer any of these atrocities now - so why do so many suffer still ?

I love thus cause it's rare people actual talk about male and child rape anymore , but not only to talk about it but drive home the point all rape is bad no matter who u r or no matter the circumstances. Rape is rape point blank period

i saw this on Twitter as well and i honestly started crying

Actually feminists are working to help these issues too (that's why I'm pinning it)

"I've accepted that Trump won the election. What I don't accept is people harassing Muslim college students, wanting slavery back, and drawing swastikas on stuff"

All men are obviously not all perverts, but ALL DECENT MEN need to stand up against sexual violence and rhetoric like Trump displays.

In all honesty, I can't promise we'll all come out of this unharmed. Because we won't. But our time will come. And when it does, nothing will stop us.

Equality doesn't mean identical. It means "equal to." We might take different paths to get there, but it's the destination that matters.

Hold up. In the pic on the right, the hand has what looks like a longer nail, on the wrong side of the thumb... it is just me or...?