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EEEK! One of our favorite characters of all time! TheeVanityDiary used Sugarpill Bulletproof and Tako eyeshadows to create this tribute look to Michelle Pfeiffers Catwoman (the only one that matters!)

The amazingly talented Sarah Chambers used Sugarpill eyeshadows to transform herself into Jessica Rabbit! So perfectly executed!

Wicked #Spiderman look by the amazingly talented Luciferismydad using #Sugarpill Love+ red eyeshadow and #UrbanDecay Chaos. Look at those perfect lines and luscious lashes! And those contacts - such perfect execution!

Makeup Maniac created this striking fantasy look with the help of Sugarpill Tako and Bulletproof eyeshadows.

Holy crap, this is so beautifully done were speechless! Makeup Maniac used Sugarpill eyeshadows to paint herself the most spectacular mask. Just... wow! Those EYES! That glitter! Sweet

Eu fiquei um pouco em dúvida com essa make, mas acredito que numa pele morena ou negra deva ficar mto linda.

É uma grande ousadia,........curtam......sombra vermelha...

Amazing Luciferismydad used Sugarpill Bulletproof eyeshadow to create her wicked Raven, Daughter of Darkness inspired look.