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Samsung snaps up AI upstart Viv Labs - CNET A stage demo of Viv earlier this year on a MacBook showed how it could launch app-like things via voice. Screenshot by Scott Stein/CNET Samsung appears poised to shake up the market for voice assistants with its latest acquisition. The electronics giant said Wednesday it had agreed to acquire Viv Labs the artificial intelligence startup behind Viv the voice…

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17 Amazing Trips For Animal Lovers

Work with Protected Pandas in Lougantai, Zhouzhi.There are currently only about 1,000 Giant Pandas worldwide, most of them in China. Head to Xi’an, and give researchers there a hand. The volunteer program at the refuge runs in two- or four-week sessions, and offers a chance to work directly with the animals. If you’re lucky, you might even pick up a bit of Chinese.

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Diver who saved dolphin: 'He swam right up to me'

Dolphin seeks aid from diver. And people eat them... they are more intelligent than most people.

Never seen one, but I still love thresher sharks: Dr. Reggie Broom & Dr. Stacey Carter Pediatric Dentistry | #Gulfport #OceanSprings | #MS |

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Giant great white shark 'still had a lot of growing to do'

Largest Great White Shark | 1945, a 21.3ft (6.49m) shark was caught in Cuban waters and this shark ...


Video Games in the Real World: Real Life Tetris

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Attic Red Figure Shape: Amphora Painter: Attributed to the Berlin Painter Date: ca 470 - 460 BC Period: Late Archaic Zeus aims his lightning bolt at a giant (not shown). An eagle sits perched on his other hand.

Bull Shark: Also known as the Zambezi shark. Commonly found worldwide in warm, shallow waters along coasts and in rivers. Known for its aggressive nature, predilection for warm shallow water, and presence in brackish and freshwater systems including estuaries and rivers. Can thrive in both saltwater and freshwater and can travel far up rivers. Responsible for the majority of near-shore shark attacks, including many attacks attributed to other species. Can reach from 11 to 13 ft in length.