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The winds were just starting to whip up when my cellphone rang.My friend, Pia, had recently settled into an oceanfront apartment in Long Beach. She was thrilled to be able to walk the boardwalk daily and loved the proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. But Superstorm Sandy was headed towards Long Island and residents of the barrier island were told to evacuate. Could she stay with me at my North Shore home? “Come on over,” I replied, anticipating spending an evening -- maybe two --- together…

I'd Rather Be Watching The Golden Girls Cell Phone Case Cover iPhone 4/4S 5/5S Samsung Galaxy S3 Dorothy Rose Sophia Blanche Betty White $24.99+FREE SHIPPING

FRIENDS. Greatest TV show!

It's Got to Be That Can't-Eat, Can't-Sleep, Reach-For-the-Stars, Over-the-Fence, World Series Kind of Stuff, Right?

Must see this movie!

- Made in Washington - Handmade item - 4.25 X 5.5 inches - Blank Inside Thank someone, Golden Girls style, for being a friend! This card features an original illustration of all four lovely Golden Gir

A série Friends ficou no ar durante uma década, de 1994 a tornando-se uma das produções telev...

Gilmore Girls. 'Life's short. Talk fast.'

Anne of Green Gable. He was what she was looking for all along, she just couldn't see it.

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