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Desert views by @mgracejewelry on Instagram

I have chosen to travel the wild terrain of my soul. To gather the wildflowers that grow over my bones. To dance in the field of vision. I am the priestess of this feral kingdom Photo by Lindsay of Danmala Teas

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Structure of Space…

Geometry is the Formal Structure of Thought. The Spirit of Geometry is the Structure of Light. The Soul of Geometry is the Structure of Space. The Structure of Space is PURE FORM. ~ Irene Rice Pere...

sacred geometry by jallamon

The book of essays, Sacred Seed, with an introduction by Vandana Shiva, is a meditation. Each essay draws on wisdom both ancient and modern to remind us that all life, and its renewal, begins and e...

“Wholeness is not achieved by cutting off a portion of one’s being, but by integration of the contraries.” ― C.G. Jung

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Magic Circles

A magic circle (魔法陣 Mahoujin) is a figure composed by a great number of symbols related to the powers, techniques and procedence of the magician. Generally, the magic circles are what differentiates mages from one another, each creates a magic circle of their own - it is like their signature. Magic circles work as an field of energy that activates the moment a mage is about to perform a spell. This magic circle is visible under the mage's feet, and its power surrounds him/her as if it was…

Torus: A torus consists of a central axis with a vortex at both ends and a surrounding coherent field. Energy flows in one vortex, through the central axis, out the other vortex, and then wraps around itself to return to the first incoming vortex. The simplest description of its overall form is that of a donut, though it takes many different shapes, depending upon the medium in which it exists.

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What Wizard/Witch Are You?

stepping into a higher consciousness. To learn real magic Step into your Quantum Reality