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Muitas vezes não é o que a pessoa diz que magoa ou ofende. Mas a forma como diz.

FRASES: Muitas vezes não é o que a pessoa diz que magoa ou...


"Não se preocupe com tempos difíceis, porque algumas das coisas mais bonitas que temos na vida vem de mudanças ou erros."

BRANCO & PRETO, sem palavras!

You chose to lie to yourself about your anger & power you gave to your ex, you tried to project your sins onto me, you have lied to yourself, you sacrificed our friendship in order to try to elevate yourself, you still want to blame me for what happened because you don't have the guts to own what you did, you are too proud to admit you did wrong on all counts, you used any excuse to explode on me, all because you lie to yourself every day. I don't trust you any more.

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Saturday Miscellaneous (diaryofasewingfanatic)

..i would love to have this type of impact on someone..but for the true and positive reasons..not for the ignorant and negative..many want to be an inspiration..but are too blind to realize that what they exude is greed and cant be an inspiration when your mirror has too many smudges in it..think about it..