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La percha de los números - Aprendiendo matemáticas

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Matchstick Colour Sorting Fine Motor Toy

Match stick colour drop fine motor sorting game for preschoolers

For fine motor, motor control and sensory input take shampoo with some color and put it in a large ziplock with a bead. Put a maze to the child's level under and ask them to push the bead through the maze without going outside the lines.

Marble transferring: a great activity to work on fine motor skills

Thank you to Anne Zachry of the Pediatric Occupational Therapist for this fantastic idea! As a therapist, I frequently work with children on bilateral upper extremity skills. It’s important for a child to learn to stabilize an object or container while performing an activity with the opposite hand. This is a simple, inexpensive activity that addresses bilateral skills and visual perception. When the child is required to copy a pattern, this addresses design copy and color ...

How FUN! Movement and art. Great activity for building strength in shoulders & arms so necessary for fine motor development.

Screw on milk lid matching and fine motor activity! Clever!

spaghetti! This looks really fun. for preschoolers and older. you layout spaghetti in trays. Let the children touch and feel the spaghetti. they can paint the spaghetti different colors. let them use their hands to mix the paint.