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20 DIY Camping Ideas Hacks

Essa é muito boa, temos que ver se funciona mesmo... uma lanterna amarrada a um galão de água para potencializar a luz!

Cool camping idea!

Building that campfire. My only modification would be to reverse stack the wood in a square pyre, with fuel logs on bottom and let it burn downward like a candle, then you don't have to tend it all evening. Love the guideline of how much of each size!

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Dollar store garden ideas.

Top 33 Most Creative Camping DIY Projects and Clever Ideas

DIY Camping toilet- AWESOME! Great Idea. Ótima idéia para camping ou emergências

While I will NEVER leave the safety of my Room and imgur, For Those of you Brave Enough to Venture Out - Imgur

30 truques para usar em acampamentos e mochilões

Esqueça as velas de emergência, um giz de cera queima durante meia hora

Awesome idea for fire pit furniture!

EASY Camping Recipes-- because one of these days I won't be pregnant or have a newborn and I'll be all out of excuses to not go camping.