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Join the February Instagram Yoga Challenge #BeginnersDOYOUYOGA 🙌 • Always wanted to start a yoga practice? 🕉 Not sure where or how to begin? 💫 Join in on all the fun this February for a chance to win some pretty amazing prizes! 🌺 This challenge is for ALL LEVELS of yogis to help us create inspiration and motivation for each other! 💞 • Follow @doyouyoga on Instagram for all the details on how to play! • Are you in?! 💚

Erica Tenggara | Yoga 🌸 on Instagram: “YOGA TIPS FOR TOE TAPS & LSIT: This is not so much a sequence but more conditioning drills that will help your feet if the floor. The main thing is to first have open hamstrings. If a deep forward is not yet available to you, I suggest working on that first otherwise you will simply not have the accessibility in the body to toe tap or Lsit. I have a sequence on "YOGA SEQUENCE TO FORWARD FOLD" I suggest doing that as a warm up first just sc...

8 Instagram Yoga Challenges to Join in March. Deepen your yoga practice and challenge your inner yogi. Breathe, meditate, enjoy.

Yoga Inspiration on Instagram: “ Tag your friends”. Learn more at the picture link

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Erica Tenggara | Yoga 🌸 on Instagram: “YOGA SEQUENCE TO FORWARD FOLD: 3 years ago I could not touch my toes, 3 years later my elbows can touch my toes. Here is a little sequence…”

Instagram Yoga Challenges - Do you have Instagram? Are you wanting to get in shape or stay in shape? Do you find other people motivating?

Today is Day 3 of the #FlowForFall Instagram yoga challenge! Today's pose is warrior 2. Here's @inversionjunkie on the Square36 6'x6' yoga mat! www.square36.com

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