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Explora Suburbia, Montanha e outros!

My weekend mountain run saw some things I don't normally see in suburbia, USA.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Holy dooley, 2017. How did we even get here?! Let’s start the year on the right foot, and get your juicy mojo on. This week is all about finding the keys to unlock your motivation & anticipation. I often speak to couples who feel like they are stuck in their relationship. Things are pretty same-same and there is no real excitement - they’re only forward to a grey future with more of the same. STOP IT! They simply don’t have a shared vision of how their lives will be…

late night gas station runs

Green Tip #1 - Maintaining Your Septic Tank Without Chemicals

Green Tip #1 - Maintaining Your Septic Tank Without Chemicals... We already knew about the yeast. But I didn't know about the vinegar.

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Hidden Backyard Pool

If the debonair 007 owned a home in suburbia – his yard would contain this hidden backyard pool. After you’ve had your fill of running around the lush greenery, a flick of the switch unveils a cool and inviting pool for a relaxing afternoon swim.

Everyone is so full of shit Born and raised by hypocrites Hearts recycled but never saved From the cradle to the grave We are the kids of war and peace From Anaheim to the middle east We are the stories and disciples Of the Jesus of Suburbia

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Nightmare in Suburbia Burning Jealousy A man creates a fake rescue by burning down a home and running back in to save a family because he was rejected by a married woman. One of their daughters died. My neighbors upstairs creating a fake rescue and trying to assume shit that ain't theirs ... uh huh... where my Jeep??? I still own it, and it is insured ... think about it. You will be tried in a court of law.

Create a safe environment for students and then model the transparency and vulnerability you want them to display. Don't expect them to open up and share just because you're the leader. Allow time for trust to be established. Tim Schmoyer