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Colares metálicos DU.CA! #colares #necklaces #3dprinting #br #bios by paulocarvalhopc

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Bioprinting Infographic

Printing the Human Body Infographic


Unusual And Creative 3D Printed Silverware

Francis Bitonti Studio has a bold idea to make the best silverware in the world. They use their cutting edge 3D printed technology to make beautiful knife, forks, and spoons made out of four interlocked metal strands.

DesignLibero has reimagined recycling as an art form.
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3D Printed Vases Offer Artistic Way to Repurpose Old Water Bottles

DesignLibero has reimagined recycling as an art form.

Architect Vincent Callebaut's creation Aequorea is a stunning 3D-printed oceanscraper settlement.   The village can not only house up to 20,00


The basics of 3D printing

The basics of 3D printing explained in simple words | Die Grundfunktionen beim dreidimensionalem Drucken erläutert

The 3D printed skirt and cape were produced using Stratasys' unique Objet Connex multi-material 3D printing technology, which allows a variety of material properties to be printed in a single build. This allowed both hard and soft materials to be incorporated within the design, crucial to the movement and texture of the piece.

Lix is a 3D printing pen--you can doodle in 3D!


Add metal threads to your 3D prints - make them functional!

An easy method for adding metal threads to 3D prints that only requires a soldering iron.


You Can Buy This 3D Printed Spider-Man Mask Online

Costume designer Yuri Schuurkes designed a 3D printed Spider-man mask you can buy!