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Harvest time bright & early! #earlymorningmunchies #lovingthisweather #gogreen #allthislettuce by aerogrowing

I’ve been pretty obsessed with cranberries lately! I mean they make such fabulous nightshade-free sauces like this cranberry ketchup (and my cranberry BBQ sauce featured in the new AIP Instant Pot Cookbook) it’s kinda hard not to get a little obsessed! October is prime time for harvesting cranberries here in the NW. So last weekend...

I think these apples need a little more caramel :) delta-breezes: “ Chelsea | @gypsyjones_ ”

Popcorn Corn on the Cob Bags. ADORABLE! Baggies of popcorn wrapped in green tissue paper to look like corn on the cob! Popcorn treat bags for Thanksgiving.

I think this is a cool picture because one can't quite tell where her hair ends and the corn begins.

23 Photos Of Autumn That Will Make You Breathe A Sigh Of Relief

23 Cozy Autumn Photos That Pretty Much Feel Like Porn Right Now

Welcome Autumn! I count the months till October and it's finally almost here!

Box of pastries next to the pine cones

I know a few people this applies to - it's entertaining watching them make jackasses of themselves all on their own and knowing how many people (you included) can see right through their bs. Let them make fools of themselves I say! It's free entertainment for all, haha! And a bit like watching a bunch of not-very-bright baboons in a zoo!