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Americano leva energia solar para Kibutz

Land O'Lakes taps the Google Cloud to help farmers till the Earth Using the Google Cloud Platform, the agricultural business wants to help farmers share and manage data they previously had to share with USB sticks.

Projeto Ara, primeiro smartphone do Google totalmente customizável, é desenvolvido com tecnologia israelense.

Startup de Israel desenvolve impressora de bolso

Just as in manufacturing, sensors, wireless networks and control technology make it easy to harvest yield data. This means that, like manufacturers, farmers are looking to dig more value out of the field to feed Big Data and also the world.

Israelenses desenvolvem dispositivo que é capaz de "cheirar" o odor dos tumores. Leia AQUI a materia completa

de the Guardian

Can agriculture giant Monsanto's data biz help the environment?

Can Monsanto's big data play really help farmers and the environment? When Monsanto bought Climate Corporation, critics worried the data company would lose its environmentalist edge. CEO David Friedberg argues it’s still a force for greener farming