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zpr E a receita do dia é: Wrap de Frango com Cream Cheese Light Ingredientes: ✔ 1 Rap10 Integral; ✔ 2 colheres de sopa de Cream Cheese light; ✔ 1 peito de frango pequeno; ✔ 1 xícara de agrião; ✔ 1 xícara de alface Lisa; ✔ 1 unidade de tomate. Modo de preparo: ✔ Prepare o peito de frango e adicione o tempero de sua preferência (eu utilizo cominho, alho e sal); ✔ Corte o peito de frango em tirinhas e grelhe; ✔ Misture o frango com as 2 colheres de cream cheese light; ✔ Em um prato separado…

Top 7 Tips For Social Media Marketing

Understand your cross channel audience and tailor content as per.

Market Rise M Letter Logo

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Cool breakdown of your favorite social networks' revenue streams.

Using Etsy and Pinterest Together

Enjoy these infographics on social media from Manly. Click on pins for more information.

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In 2009 NPR reported that people who take vacations and engage in leisure activities reported more life satisfaction, had lower levels of stress hormones, and tended to struggle with their weight less than those who rarely or never planned miniature escapes.

Blogging: Your social media hub

I’ve had a post sitting in draft for a long time about this topic. But it was a brief email exchange with a client that gave me the fire to finish it! This client has a website that supports blogging (yay WordPress) but she was not ready to take the blogging leap. Somewhat out of the blue, she asked me about setting up a blog on an external blogging service. My immediate and pushy response…Read more ›