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A/c do meu passado, que não me condena mais.

"...when he saw the Tralfamadorians close their little hands on their eyes. He knew from past experience what this meant: He was being stupid.”

Daily Inspiration #1582

The past, the present and the future... #wisdom #quoteoftheday

Jason Thielke’s work demonstrates aesthetic elements that encompass both contemporary and traditional techniques much like modern architecture. This style emerges in deeply personal, figurative works, which comfortably contrast hard lines with soft features and mixed emotions. In the past, the artist’s process of drawing, composing, and transferring images has mirrored the planning, deconstruction and reconstruction phases of urban gentrification.

"Her loyalty was not to me, but to the stars above"-Bob Dylan

Julie Massy Being an illustrator, Massy creates sharp and intricate line work within her pieces. Her faintly colored illustrations have similar qualities to photogravures, with the extra grain, tainted backgrounds, and washy shades of black. Massey’s work is focused on portraits that carry graceful, audacious, and whimsy moods.

the past is where you learned the lesson, the future is where you apply the lesson. don't give up in the middle.

You will never meet a strong person with an easy past

Conheça os hábitos de filósofos extremamente produtivos

Você já se perguntou de que maneira famosos filósofos do passado passaram suas muitas horas de tédio entre suas epifanias que quebraram paradigmas?