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Jovens que não assistirem seus pais podem ir para lista negra de crédito de instituições financeiras.

Older people should workout and do Strength-Training excercises including Weight Training Exercises and Exercises for Women. Yoga exercises and Tabata Workouts are great for elderly suffering from Alzheimers.

If Damian is a girl and she has three elder brothers to accompany him to grow up ♪(^∇^*)

My grandma has a new tv and dvd player but she is having trouble using the new remotes. I helped her out a little bit. - Imgur

So, most people all think that Old!Merlin is Emrys, but that's just what Morgana calls him. ALL of Merlin is Emrys--not just his elderly alter ego. That's Dragoon. lol --description by DestinyandDoom


This should be a reality tv show.

Great idea...makes them feel more at home im sure..

Key words for season 4 episode titles Are Thatcher, Smith, and Sherrinford. The six thatchers, the lying detective and what??!! Sherrinford is the initial name of Sherlock and in some versions his brother!!!

Moe and larry of the three stooges towards the end

de Insomniac Nation


This is Kay from the Camelot TV Series but he is pretty close to how I imagined Arthur when writing Shades of Avalon.

de FeedPuzzle

Hahaha LOL

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